Indonesian immigration reviews visa free travel due to crimes by foreigners

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Indonesian Immigration Reviewing ‘Visa Free’ Travel due to Rising Crime by Foreigners –

The Indonesian government is reviewing its visa-free travel policy due to rising crime involving foreigners.

Spokeswoman for the Law and Human Rights Ministry’s Immigration Directorate General, Heru Santoso, said the government was considering limiting visa-free travel due to the recent crime wave being committed by foreigners.


Currently 169 countries can travel to Indonesia without paying for a visa.

“In terms of percentages, the violations are small, but they’re still violations”, said Santoso.

Officials say that the Immigration Directorate General is currently reviewing whether the open visa process is doing more harm than good.


Sources say there is a good chance that Indonesia will reduce the visa free privilege for many countries.

Santoso touched on the two fake Buddhist monks from China as an example of foreigners causing trouble in the country. He also spoke about the recent killing of a police officer in Bali as a good reason to review the current immigration policy.