Indonesian government lifts restrictions for expats and foreigners

Indonesian Government Lifts Restrictions For Expats and Foreigners –

A sign of the times, Indonesia has started to lift restrictions for expats and foreigners living in the country.

The Indonesian Government is implementing the change to help lure foreign investment – many of the restrictions are for those who are working within the country.


The country started by scrapping requirements for foreigners working in Indonesia, the hitch was that before they must learn the Indonesian language, that part of the new requirements will be scrapped all together  – the government will also ease the process to obtaining a Temporary Stay Permit.

The announcement came from the new policies that were part of the government’s commitment to “deregulate” all bureaucratic processes which have hampered the flow of foreign investment.

The new regulations will ensure faster and simpler procedures for foreign workers to receive work permits, the entire process will be done online from now on.


Another piece of good news is the regulation saying that every foreign worker must have a university degree in order to receive a working permit will also be scraped.

A new stipulation which is being added says that an educational background that is fit for the job is required, leaving some to believe they can easily apply for jobs which before were heavily restricted to the process.

A new requirement to the process will include that after six months of working within Indonesia, foreign workers must apply for national social security membership and a tax identification number.

In 2014, the Indonesian government estimated foreign participation into the country’s workforce was approximately 68,500, a decline of 72,500 from 2012.

In all, Chinese people along with Japanese, South Koreans, Indians and Malaysians topped the expatriate communities in the country.

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