Davao hotelier threw out Indian medics ‘because they smelled’


A Facebook user from Davao del Sur has claimed that a group of Indian medics were thrown out of a hotel because they smelled bad.

According to ‘Cudlob Doow Lezah’, the students were booked into the hotel in the city but were refused entry by a manager who allegedly gave their odour as the reason.


She wrote: “This is a perfect example of discrimination… These Medical Students from India were supposed to move in as renters but were banned/never had the chance to get in. The reason? Somebody from the Property Management Office decided to ban the students because of their SMELL!!! YES SMELL!!”

According to the report, the students were then left with nowhere to stay for the night. It’s not known if they have since secured more friendly lodgings.

Indian medics


“These poor Medical Students had to stay outside trying to be treated right. But we had NO LUCK!” the sharer wrote.

The post, which includes photographs of the unfortunate Indian medics, has attracted thousands of comments, mostly supportive.

Genz Gwafz wrote: “Where is the humanity? Where is our hospitality? I feel so bad for these people… they don’t deserve to be treated like this. The hotel should be reported and punished for what they have done. These people are also human beings.”

Storm in India

The post is also causing a storm in India, from where one Facebook user wrote: “No offence but I fear it is not Indian students losing their dignity because of their body odour but those specific Filipinos judging by it. So sickening. They have to remember that in India we have some Filipino employees too. And we won’t treat them as bad as you treat our students.”

indian medics

However, some Filipino netizens have supported the hotel. Viole Canuday-Haeckel wrote: “I used to work in the hotel and airline and the worst customers are them. Try to travel 8-16hrs flight next to them. They are rude, complaining and they want to take advantage of anything they can think of. It’s their right to refused service to those guests and protect their company and their in-house guests. Some places and landlords post specification NO FILIPINOS ALLOWED on their ads. Filipinos are not crying for discrimination on that.”

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