Impact of COVID-19 vaccination drive in NCR

It is important to complete the COVID vaccine by about 80 percent of Metro Manila’s population before it is possible to see a decrease in the number of new COVID cases, according to an expert.

According to Infectious Disease Expert Dr. Rontgene Solante, more than half of the population needs to be before seeing a drop in cases.

Today, even though more than 43 percent of the eligible or adult population of is fully vaccinated, and more than 75 percent is partially vaccinated, the number of new COVID-19 cases continues to increase. The eligible or adult population is only 70% of the total population of the region.

According to data processed by ABS-CBN News Data Analytics, the average number of new COVID-19 cases added in Metro Manila was 4,019 per day from 18 to 24 — 13 percent higher than the week before.

“Israel has already reached 80%. UK, like 70%, but they still have surge of cases, because the remaining 20 or 30% not are the ones driving the transmission,” added Solante.

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Impact of COVID-19 vaccination drive in NCR

But the number of new COVID cases in Metro Manila per day still does not reach the so-called “peak” or the highest record in April, even though there is a more contagious Delta variant today. This is the effect of vaccination against COVID and two weeks of enhanced community quarantine, according to ABS-CBN News Data Analytics Head Edson Guido.

“That can be attributed to vaccination and the earlier imposition of ECQ compared to the one last March-April when NCR cases were averaging nearly 5,000 daily before the ECQ was implemented,” he said.

Also, based on data from the Metro Manila Development Authority, 64 percent or most of the more than 21,000 active COVID cases in the region as of 21 have not been vaccinated. 14% were partially vaccinated, and nearly 22% were fully vaccinated.

Most of those who die and develop severe and critical COVID-19 in Metro Manila have not been vaccinated.

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