Imee Marcos says family will not apologise for ‘old news’ about dictatorship

Imee Marcos
Imee Marcos has described allegations about her father’s human rights abuses as “old news”.

Imee Marcos has said her family would not apologise for her father’s dictatorship, describing human rights and corruption accusations as “old news”.

Speaking today (Friday, August 31), the Ilocos Norte Governor, the daughter of the late tyrant Ferdinand Marcos, said: “I’ve said on many, many occasions that for those who got hurt, for those who were inadvertently pained, certainly we apologise.

“But what I heard is that there are calls for an apology tantamount to an admission, which we would never do.”

The late president has been widely criticised for the thousands of people arrested, tortured and killed during his two decades of rule. The family is also accused of amassing an estimated $10 billion in ill-gotten wealth.

Imee today also questioned why members of the press kept asking the same questions about the Marcos dictatorship.

She said: “I think I’ve said it on many, many occasions. I don’t know why we’re rehashing this old news over and over again. I’ve said it before, why don’t we just look up old quotes?”

The governor drew a barrage of criticism last week after telling the public to “move on” from her father’s regime. Her brother Bongbong later defended her words.

The Human Rights Victims Claims Board has deliberated on more than 75,000 reports of torture, disappearance and other crimes committed during the Marcos years, which saw martial law imposed on the country from 1972 to 1981. In May this year, the latest tranche of reparations were paid out to the regime’s victims.

Presidential spokesman Harry Roque has since vowed that the government would continue to “find ways and means to effect closure for all victims of abuses that occurred during that period of martial law”.

Imee, however, has insisted that the public should focus on contemporary issues instead, such as inflation.

“Maybe we should focus more on new issues, like higher prices, not old issues that just have no relevance today,” she said.

Imee has recently announced a bid to run for the Senate next year, while her brother remains embroiled in an electoral appeal against Vice President Leni Robredo. As we reported last week, President Duterte has said he will resign if the recount goes in the Marcos son’s favour.

Imee Marcos also said that the family had not yet discussed the possibility of her brother running for the presidency in 2022.

Apart from the historic accusations of against her family, Imee has been tagged in the alleged misuse of 66 million pesos of tobacco fund cash in her province. A Commission on Audit report last month also flagged millions in “irregular expenses” during her time in office.

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