Illuminati satanists up to their old tricks on Palawan, claims priest

Illuminati Satanists
A priest from Puerto Princess claims the tiny details on the rosaries are the unmistakable calling cards of the Illuminati secret society

Fresh claims that Illuminati satanists are distributing cursed rosaries have surfaced in Palawan.

Despite an earlier warning about demonic beads being widely mocked, church leaders and officials on the island have reiterated the warning.


The idea of the diabolical plot to ensnare the faithful was first reported on the website of the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines.

Its report quoted Father Ambrosio Nonato Legaspi, who warned Radio Veritas listeners about using rosary beads that were being distributed by “Illuminati satanists”.

In an interview yesterday (Tuesday, September 19), Puerto Princesa priest Jasper Lahan said that a housewife visited the city’s Immaculate Conception Parish Church, asking them to destroy a rosary she believed was satanic.


He said the unnamed woman went to the church yesterday and said the prayer beads were bringing her bad luck.

“A lot of parishioners had turned over this kind of rosary to us, telling that it had brought them nothing but hard luck,” Father Lahan said.

The priest added that the housewife became alarmed by her rosary after watching television reports about the supposed satanist plot.

“It’s not really her rosary,” the priest said. “She said it was left in her house, and it’s been there for a long time. When she was cleaning, she saw it and remembered the news on tv about it.”

He added that the rosary was destroyed immediately to ward off any danger of demonic possession.

Father Lahan said that other dangers posed by the beads included catching mysterious diseases.

“What they mentioned was contracting illnesses that they could not understand and really just strings of bad luck,” he added.

Symbology of Illuminati satanists

According to the priest, the suspect rosaries are usually made of plastic. They include symbols such as snakes binding around the cross, five-pointed stars and sunbeams.

These emblems, he warned, may not be immediately visible to the naked eye. He also said they represented the Illuminati secret society.

The priest also described how the cursed rosaries are sold by street vendors for as little as 20 pesos. He didn’t confirm whether the sellers were themselves Illuminati satanists.

“I remember I’ve seen it three years ago. It means they’ve been circulating for a long time,” he said.