Illegally parked cars in Manila can soon expect to be clamped


Manila Government Will Start Wheel Clamping Next Week On Illegally Parked Cars –

Due to rising complaints of abuse by private towing services, the city of Manila will start clamping the wheels of vehicles that are illegally parked.

Vice Mayor Francisco “Isko Morena” Domagoso said the traffic marshalls will clamp or tire lock vehicles which are cited for parking violations – the cost to release that lock will now cost 900 pesos.

“[Wheel clamping] is more difficult for violators,” Domagoso told the Inquirer on Friday, adding that it can also obstruct traffic. “That is why I opted to use towing [services] because it removes the obstruction.”

“But we listened to the complaints and we suspended the abusive towing companies. However, we still need to instill discipline on the streets for the people’s convenience,” said Domagoso.


Domagoso also noted that Manila currently has 100 wheel locks.