Identifying corpses in C-130 crash difficult but ongoing

Efforts continue to identify the bodies of soldiers burned in the gruesome C-130 crash in on Sunday.

Within 14 hours, the Scene of the Crime Operatives of the Philippine National Police completed collecting DNA samples from several soldiers included in the crashed C-130 plane.

Their bodies burned and could no longer be identified.

In addition to DNA samples, dog tags, combat boots with a name, ID, flying suit, and more can also be used for identification.

Tattoos and other body marks, and personal items photographed and sent to relatives also helped identify the corpses.

For now, the laboratory is still waiting for DNA samples from relatives to be matched with samples obtained from the corpses.

As a result, it is still possible for the remains to stay in the Tangan gym in the camp before being delivered to their respective provinces.

Meanwhile, it is too early to say whether the accident was caused by human or mechanical error.

So far, all angles are being looked at to determine why the C-130 crashed.

Psychologists are also said to be talking to wounded soldiers who have been traumatized.

The Armed Forces of the Philippines will also award civilians who led the rescue of the soldiers.

The identities of 19 soldiers who were victims of a C-130 crash in Patikul, Sulu, have been determined.

Up to 12 bodies have been returned to their families. One of them is already buried. Seven more identified remains are prepared for air and land transport to be taken to their respective families.

Identifying corpses in C-130 crash difficult but ongoing

The deaths identified include the following:


  • Maj. Emmanuel Makalintal
  • Maj. Michael Vincent Benolerao
  • 1Lt. First Lieutenant Joseph Hintay
  • TSgt. Mark Anthony Agana
  • TSgt. Donald Badoy
  • SSG Jan Neil Macapaz
  • SSG Michael Bulalaque
  • Sgt. Jack Navarro
  • Capt. Higello Emeterio – AFP Medical Corps
  • 1Lt. Sheena Alexandria Tato – AFP Nurse Corps


  • Sgt. Butch Maestro
  • PFC Christopher Rollon
  • PFC Felixzalday Provido
  • PVT Raymar Carmona
  • PVT Vic Monera
  • PVT Mark Nash Lumanta
  • PVT Jomar Gabas
  • PVT Marcelino Alquisar
  • PVT Mel Mark Angana

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