Hunt for British school executives after suicide of 18-year-old student

DOJ Issues ‘Lookout Bulletin” for 16 Execs of the British School of Manila –

The Department of Justice has issued a “lookout bulletin order” against the executives of the British School of Manila.

The 16 executives are all on the watchlist order for the criminal and civil suits involving the death of an 18-year-old student who jumped to his death in February 2015.


In a four-page order released on Monday, acting Department of Justice Secretary Emmanuel Caparas order the Bureau of Immigration to include the 16 officers of the school, along with the head of institution Simon Mann.

The LBO Order was issued to prevent the group from taking flight before the trial. Some say that several already are missing and most likely already fled the country.

Officials noted that immigration officers would be on the lookout for the individuals should they pass through immigration counters at any international port or seaport.


A preliminary investigation was conducted in January but not one of the 16 respondents appeared – instead they sent a lawyer who asked the court for more time to answer to the charges.

Trixie Madamba originally filed the complaint against the group for violation of Presidential Decree No 1829, or (Obstruction of justice) against the group in October of 2015.

Her son Liam was a top-notch student at the school before jumping off the sixth floor of a carpark in Makati City. Liam had allegedly been accused and ridiculed by his teacher for plagiarism.

Other issues against the school and the group have been filed by Liam’s mother, including alleged violations of child protection policies.

A 100-million peso civil suit against the school is pending in the Taguig City regional trial court, awaiting the apprehension of those involved.

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