Hundreds of liquor bottles seized in Sampaloc, Cagayan

Authorities arrested two men who tried to smuggle 200 bottles of liquor in Sampaloc, Manila.

A concerned citizen reported to police that someone was entering Barangay 527 carrying alcoholic beverages from City.

A red SUV allegedly parked on Miguelin Street with boxes of liquor. Police later arrested two men who were taking alcohol off the vehicle.

According to Police Lt. Col. John Guiagui, commander of Sampaloc Police, the suspects were buying alcohol from areas with no liquor ban and sell them in Manila for a higher price.

The two suspects admitted selling alcohol in the area after losing their jobs due to lockdown.

They also said they did not receive cash aid from the government, so they thought of selling liquor as a business.

They will face violations of the Bayanihan to Heal As One Act and liquor ban ordinance in the city of Manila.

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2 men smuggling liquor using a health worker pass, arrested in Cagayan

Two men smuggled liquor into their using a health worker pass in Gonzaga, Cagayan.

Due to the complaint they received, the police on duty at the checkpoint of Inter-Agency Task Force on COVID-19 in Gonzaga town asked an SUV to pull over, around 2 pm on Wednesday.

The SUV driver tried to escape when the enforcers asked him about the cargo he was carrying.

The police chased the SUV and cornered the suspects in Barangay Pateng.

Authorities discovered 26 boxes of liquor inside the SUV.

According to Police Maj. Joefferson Gannaban, the province of Cagayan, strictly enforced a liquor ban that prohibits the sale and consumption of alcohol during the implementation of community quarantine against COVID-19.

Gannaban said the suspects were able to cross the checkpoint from Tuguegarao to the border because of the DOH passes that had been placed in their vehicle. The police at first thought the suspects were carrying medical supplies until they saw a box of gin during the inspection.

Authorities are still verifying if the pass issued by a hospital is legitimate.

Police also learned that some of the liquors worth P180 to 200 bottles would be dropped off at Gonzaga and Santa Ana stores.

The driver of the SUV and his companion were arrested. They will face multiple charges, including violation of the Republic Act 11332 concerning Enhanced Community Quarantine, disobedience to a person in authority, and usurpation of authority.