How to Join a Netflix Party – Host Long Distance Movie Nights with Friends


Netflix, of late, has become a muse for young millennials – and rightly so!

With an unending stream of quality content, a seamless user interface, and group streaming, what more can a binge-watcher ask for?


In fact, in this post, we are going to talk about the latest offering of Netflix – group streaming. Recently, Netflix has launched a chrome extension called Netflix Party to let users stream shows and movies in groups.

Let us explore what exactly Netflix Party is, how it works, and its features and functionalities. We will also tell how you can install Netflix Play and host movie nights with your friends.

How to Join a Netflix Party - Host Long Distance Movie Nights with Friends

What exactly is Netflix Party?

Netflix Party offers a new way to stream and watch all of Netflix’s content. With Netflix Party, watching movies or shows is no longer a solo experience.


You can now host or join a long-distance virtual movie night, where each member of your group is watching the same movie at the time.

Moreover, you can chat with your friends at the very moment to further enhance the group streaming experience.

Features and benefits of Netflix Party

Easy and convenient for everyone

The best thing about Netflix Party is that it is not a separate app or a feature. All that it is, is a chrome extension.

You can simply install the NP extension in your browser, stream a movie and share it with your group. It’s that simple.

You no longer have to download and log on to it every time you wish to group-stream a movie.

Sync Netflix shows in high-definition

The NP extension enables fast buffering and an extraordinary sync capability. This means you can stream the content in HD and still be in sync with your friends or the co-watchers.

Everyone gets to be at the same point in the movie or series at all times, and hence you can have an amazing experience of collectively watching a movie. 

Customize your Netflix Party

In what can be called a very interesting and attractive feature of the Netflix Party, you can even customize your long-distance movie parties by choosing witty user icons and nicknames.

Furthermore, you can upload multimedia content like GIFs and emoticons to make the experience more fun.

How to install the Netflix Party extension?

Installing the Netflix Party extension to your browser is simple.

All you need to do is run a Google search for ‘Netflix Party extension’, visit the first official link of chrome that comes up, and click on ‘add to Chrome’.

A pop-up will ask for your permission, and the extension will be instantaneously installed in your browser.

Note – The Netflix Party extension is available only for the chrome browser and for desktop or laptop computers only.

Steps to stream movies using Netflix Party extension

Once you have installed the Netflix Party extension in your chrome browser, hosting or joining a virtual movie night is easy. These are the three simple steps you have to follow.

Stream a video on Netflix

You have to stream a video (any movie or series) that you want to watch online with your friends, just as you do normally. Visit Netflix’s official website. Select and play the content you want to watch.

Kick-off your Netflix Party

Creating a party is simple with Netflix Party. You just need to click on the red-colored ‘NP’ icon located on the top of your browser, along the address bar.

Click on ‘Start Party’, and simply share the party link with all those whom you wish to invite to the party.

Join a Netflix Party

Joining a party hosted by someone else is even simpler than hosting a party yourself.

Just click on the party link that has been shared with you by the host. The link will redirect you to the specific video stream on Netflix’s website.

Then click on the NP icon at the top of the browser, and you will automatically join the party.

How to Join a Netflix Party - Host Long Distance Movie Nights with Friends


Netflix Party is a good way to host long-distance movie sessions with your friends. In fact, it can completely transform your movie streaming experience, and make it more real, fun, and enjoyable.

Above all, it’s easy, secure, and reliable. So, what are you waiting for? Try it for yourself and experience the magic of Netflix Party!