How to Get Work in Civil Service Jobs

The national constitutes no more than one-third of all public jobs. This debate has been almost entirely in general terms so far since first came the federal civil service system and because it reflects the merit system’s evolution. Yet two-thirds of all public jobs are in the city, county, and state governments.

Many cities and states do not currently have the merit scheme yet. However, the populous states and cities do, meaning most positions are under the merit system. If a is under the merit system, it means that individuals are hired and promoted based on their capacity to fulfill a position, not their political affiliations. The opposite of a merit system would be a spoils system. 

Civil service jobs are a great opportunity to gain employments while also serving your community. Oftentimes, civil service jobs are some of the most crucial jobs that keep a city, district, or state running. To learn more about these opportunities, continue reading below. 

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What Jobs can You get in Civil Service?

The type of you are able to get within civil service will largely depend on the area that you would like to work in. It is typical for smaller towns to have only the fire and police forces when it comes to civil service. On the other hand, many cities, particularly those with the form of government of the city-manager, follow the system of merit although it may not be needed by law.

In the civil service, almost every recognized form of occupation is depicted, from the skilled positions — doctor, lawyer, teacher — at the top of the vocational ladder to the unqualified laborer at the bottom. Therefore, no matter what skill or knowledge you possess, there’s probably something you’re qualified to do in government, national, state, or local service.

It is also possible to commence government service without any specific skills or knowledge. For example, if you’re just a general high school graduate with an interest, you may become an apprentice in printing with the Government Printing Office in Washington, D.C., or in a similar establishment in a state capital. The possibilities really are endless. 

How can You get Work in Civil Service Jobs?

Your Letter of Intent for the Job 

The first thing to do is to send a letter to the relevant public service authority and ask for clarification about the type of you are eligible to do. If you want to work for the federal government, give your letter to the U.S. Civil Service Commission, Washington 25, D.C.

Wherever you live, the commission will advise you about what exams are best suited for you to take. You’ll be sent a blank form that you fill in and return. 

Alternatively, you can also begin by making inquiries at your local civil service department or office. 

Take the Civil Service Exam

You will be told when and where the exam you are to take will be given when the time comes. The more common tests are carried out in almost every city, such as those for being a typist and stenographer. Fees or charges do not apply. You’ll be notified, after you’ve taken the exam, whether or not you’ve passed. If you pass, your name will be put on a list or registry of eligibles, in the order of the grade you made on the exam.

Civil Service exams were once more common for federal government jobs but were phased out due to discrimination concerns. Still, some occupations require this test as part of the qualifications. Such positions include law enforcement and air traffic control,

An Appointing Officer will Contact You

When a government agency needs to hire new staff, the Civil Service Commission will “certify” it with names from the top of the list. If and when your name reaches an officer of appointment, they will choose you to be considered further. 

The officer will definitely give you an inquiry about your availability. If you’re interested in the work they are explaining, they will provide you with a role offer and name the day you will start

Your acceptance would seal the deal. However, you will work within a probationary period at first. The Civil Service Commission will, in the meantime, conduct a selection inquiry into your character, allegiance, and previous connections for other roles.

How to Get Work in Civil Service Jobs
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If you are a general college graduate, you may take the federal service junior professional assistant exam or similar examination in the state services that use such a test. You can get on-the-job for a wide variety of administrative and professional vocations if you pass and are “certified.”

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