How to Enroll in TESDA Online

Here is a quick guide on how to enroll in TESDA to avail of its free courses amid the enhanced community quarantine.

TESDA Secretary Isidro Lapeña announced there 68 courses you can take now online, for free. There is no age limit, and you can enroll in another class after you finish a course.

How to Enroll in TESDA Online

1. Go to Tesda website TESDA Online Program website and create an account there.


2. Hit the log-in, and you will be redirected to another page to create an account.

tesda%2Bfree%2Bonline%2Bcourse 2

3. You must completely fill out the blank portion with correct information (*) with this asterisk means it is mandatory.


4. When you are done filling out the blank fields, click the ” Create my new account.” Wait for a few minutes to receive an email confirmation. Check for the given link on your email, then click to confirm. Sometimes it takes to long due to a busy system. Kindly see the image provided for easy understanding.


How to enroll or take the course you’d chosen in the TESDA Online Program

1.(Confirmation is done, and you finished created an account)
You may now log-in on Tesda program log-in page.

tesda%2Bfree%2Bonline%2Bcourse 4

2. Choose your desire course you want to take.

tesda%2Bfree%2Bonline%2Bcourse 5

3. Just tick the course you take

tesda%2Bfree%2Bonline%2Bcourse 6

4. click the “enroll this course” located at the lower left side panel on your screen.

tesda%2Bfree%2Bonline%2Bcourse 7

5. A pop-out window confirmation will come out then hit YES, and you’re done.tesda%2Bfree%2Bonline%2Bcourse 8


You can get the full list of the 68 Free TESDA Online Courses here.

TESDA Secretary noted there was a surge in the number of enrollees during the ECQ. There were 19,598 enrollees from March 16-29.

For those who are currently enrolled in courses that cannot be taken online like Welding, Lapeña said they have to wait until schools can be opened again.

“They will need to wait. We are avoiding contact. In our office, for instance, we only have a skeletal force, and we encourage work from home (scheme),” he said.

Lapeña also reported TESDA’s contribution to the community in fighting COVID-19. “To date, we have already produced 57,000 face masks, 1,300 face shields. We also produced pastries and sanitizers and distributed these to front liners such as healthcare workers, police and military,” he said.