Learn How To Draw Doodles With How To Draw – Easy Lessons App

Doodling is an art form and if you want to know how to do it right you can learn how to draw doodles with an app. The How to Draw: Easy Lessons App has been mentioned in the Wall Street Journal. It is one of the 40 most popular kid-friendly right now.

The current and new version 3.6 comes with a brilliant new experience for kids. That’s thanks to its new implementation of OpenGL technology and plenty of other advanced drawing tools. The app has an extensive catalog that features more than 60 drawing lessons.

The concept behind the app is to teach a realistic approach to draw by providing high-quality pictures for users to use, and step-by-step instruction for drawing. It also has easy-to-use drawing images and tools that range from difficult to simple.

Learn How To Draw Doodles

What Is The How To Draw – Easy Lessons App?

The app is not only designed for children but for all people who wish to learn how to draw better. It also teaches how to draw like someone in art school by using reference points and lines. It maintains an entertaining form that has the educational concept in mind.

According to reviews, the users of this app, who are mostly parents using it with their children, claim that the app always gives excellent results. How to draw: Easy Lessons can also be used for family entertainment and homeschooling purposes as well.

How Does The App Work?

The app opens to the main menu that enables users to choose between the different drawing objects available on the app. The drawing instructions allow users to decide whether they want to draw on a paper or the screen.

The step by step drawing you choose picks an image from their vast collection that you want to draw. You are supposed to follow the instructions on the screen one at a time, so you can start the learning process.

On the app, you will have a choice of more than 60 images for you to draw, there is a wide selection of people, portraits, cars, vehicles, animals, flowers, cartoon characters, among others.

You will be required to use the OpenGL technology that makes the whole process smooth and easy for you as you learn how to draw even the small objects. Their new menu for choosing the drawing tools is inactive for now.

How To Draw Doodles With The App

Parents need to know that this app gives their kids drawing demonstrations which they can use to trace over. They can also create drawings from scratch. The Android version has 60 drawings as we have said above, but the IOS has an additional 10 making it 70 drawings.

The additional images also feature such as Justin Bieber and Manga characters. For teenage girls and small kids, you can choose for them the images they wish to use while learning to draw on the app. You also have an option of purchasing images.

Will It Help Me Learn How To Draw Doodles?

Yes. We can say that this is a good app based upon current reviews. The How to Draw: Easy Lessons app helps kids to use sketching, coloring, and inking by following simple instructions and a step by step procedure.

In one of the app’s mode, the kids can simply trace right over the top of the original images in color. It is, however, important to note that the control is not very fine, and the lines are not very smooth, although you can help your kids by giving them a stylus to use.

On Android devices, the kids may not be able to see the steps or the images in the A mode as this is a blank canvas. They may need to recreate these images from memory, but IOS downloads have a better version of this as you can pop out a window.

Additionally, the people on the Android version do not reflect any ethnic diversity, while the IOS includes Barack in the new upgraded pack. Also, neither of the versions is kind to females. While there are some females to draw, there are few and typical characters.

Learn how to draw doodles with an app.
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Learn How To Draw Doodles Conclusion

While it has its drawbacks, this is one of the best apps on the internet right now to learn drawing. And it can help anyone improve their drawing skills. Their process of teaching is well thought out and designed for the perfect online drawing lesson.