How Get a Security Bank Classic Mastercard


If you need to make a big purchase and can’t afford to pay upfront, the Security Bank Classic Mastercard can help. With this credit card, you have the option of paying in installments, and they don’t even need to be monthly.

If you opt-in on their ChargeLight plan, you can make payments on your purchases every three to six months. This can allow you to spread out your purchase payments so you are always paid up on time.


The Security Bank Classic Mastercard also offers you the chance to earn rewards on everyday purchases. Whether it is groceries, gas or dining, you can earn 1 point for every PHP 20 you spend. You can then use these points through the Security Bank Rewards Program for a variety of things.

Before all of this though, it is a good idea to sit down and write out what you aim to achieve with your new card. If you are trying to get your financial health on track, you need to evaluate the charges that come with the card like annual fees, sign-up fees as well as late fees and interest charges.

Our editors have looked into the Security Bank Classic Mastercard and have all the details you need to know below. Read on to learn about the features, benefits, fees and how to apply.

Security Bank Classic Mastercard
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What are the Benefits of the Security Bank Classic Mastercard?

Over the past years, Security Bank has been one of the leading banks in the Philippines, offering hassle-free banking and finance solutions for its growing clientele. Currently, it is offering its Security Bank Classic Mastercard credit card for users with a monthly income of over PHP 15,000.

Security Bank prides itself on its advanced security features in all its services, which includes their credit cards. With these implemented, you are at low risk of being a victim of unauthorized transactions.

You can also set up a spending limit of your choice on the card, so if it should ever fall into the wrong hands, there would be a limit they could spend. Additionally, a 24/7 customer service hotline is also available to make sure that your concerns are met and answered.

This card offers a ton of points on the money you spend. You get points on gas, groceries, dining, entertainment and travel. For every PHP 20 you spend on your card, you will get 1 point, which you can exchange for exclusive rewards from Security Bank. What’s good about this is that the points do not expire.

The Security Bank Classic Card is widely accepted in millions of establishments in the Philippines and other countries. You will also get to enjoy exclusive perks, as well as discounts from Security Bank and its related affiliates.

What are the Fees of a Security Bank Classic Mastercard?

Maintaining your financial health is vital and requires you to pay your bills on time. By paying on time, you won’t have to pay massive interest rates on your hard-earned dollars. Below are key charges you need to evaluate pertaining to the Security Bank Classic Mastercard.

  • Annual Fee – PHP 2,000
  • Interest Rate – 3.5% per month
  • Late Payment Fee – PHP 600 or 6% of the minimum amount due
  • Cash Advance Fee – PHP 500 or 5% of the cash advance amount per transaction

If you are considering moving forward with the application process for the Security Bank Classic Mastercard, you can find the details below.

Security Bank Classic Mastercard

How to Apply for a Security Bank Classic Mastercard

For you to be qualified for a Security Bank Classic Card, you must have a minimum gross annual income of PHP 180,000.

The bank may require some employment-related documents (for employees) or business-related documents (for self-employed/business owners) when you apply for this card.

You may visit your nearest Security Bank branch, or you may apply online through the Security Bank website. Follow the steps correctly, and you should hear back from the bank within a few days with a decision.

How to Contact Security Bank

Head office

6776 Security Bank Centre, Ayala Avenue, Makati City.

Telephone: +632 8887-9188


If you are simply looking for an easy credit card to use without excessive features, then the Security Bank Classic Card is a good place to start. You are sure to be kept safe from unauthorized online or real-life transactions due to the bank’s highly advanced security features.

You can go cashless and lessen the hassle when you shop or dine at millions of establishments here and abroad. You wouldn’t even have to worry about additional hidden fees when you use it.

If you love discounts, you will also get exclusive deals not only from Security Bank but also from Mastercard (through its selected establishments), so the more you use your card, the more points you achieve.

Note: It is important to take note that there are risks involved when applying for and using a credit card. For more information, check the bank’s Terms and Conditions page.