Find Out How the FaceApp App Works

The birth of filters provides a wide range of effects for improving skin tones, adding cosmetics, and other animations. The fixation with skin and looks isn’t new in social media, as people love looking great in pictures, videos, and stories. 

The social media platform, Snapchat, started the trend, and now, even Facebook and Instagram feature filters. Applications like FaceApp are developed for face swaps by gender. FaceApp manipulates impression, makeup, smiles, hair color, age, and hairstyles, to transform people’s faces. 

More than the gender face swap, the application also provides a number of transformations that make a person look creepy, weird, and hilarious. Wondering how FaceApp app works? Read on to out about the app’s features, and its uses. 

Find Out How the FaceApp App Works


What Is FaceApp? 

FaceApp is an image-manipulation application that allows users to enhance their selfies and retouch in photorealistic alterations. The app became popular for transforming faces to the ’60s and ’70s, predicting people’s faces when they become older. 

In addition to turning a person’s face 50 years older, FaceApp also lets users swap faces with other people. This is fun and definitely looks weird. By swapping faces with children, or older people, the result can be hilarious. 

Now, the app is returning to the limelight because of the gender-swapping capabilities, enabling users to know how they’ll look when gender is reversed. Additional features include adding hairstyles, beards, and changing the color of the hair. 

One of the reasons why people love this application is because of the realistic editing. The filters look somewhat natural, which is highly precise, on-the-spot manipulation. 

FaceApp Features

The application asks users for permission to access their photo library to upload the picture and use the filters. In addition to this, users can also access the live photo-editing feature. With this, it is easy to add effects in different photos and upload them on social media. 

Common filters include adding a smile to the face in the photo, making the face younger, making the face older, giving faces female features, and giving the faces male features. 

FaceApp also has a subscription for a premium account. The FaceApp Pro features a number of features including access to premium and new filters for a selfie. Users can apply makeup to selfies, and other capabilities. 

The Pro version costs $3.99 a month, or a one-time payment of $39.99. Useful filters are available in one tap, and users are notified of a new style filter, and download manipulated photos without a FaceApp watermark.

How the App Works

FaceApp uses machine learning to manipulate images from the library or those snapped within the app. Once transformed and saved, users can access the pictures from their library, and upload them on several social media platforms. 

With the use of neural networks, the application can be trained to recognize and manipulate specific tasks. Data goes through a number of layers, extracting specific features that make a particular set of data. 

Generative Adversarial Networks

To enable the app and recognize faces, FaceApp uses a subset of neural networks called Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) and add modifications. 

GAN is responsible for creating a realistic image. It ensures variation on the generated image so the app produces different images every time. 

There’s also what they call discriminator, which critiques the images created by GAN. This network critiques the images, rejects those with flaws, and provides feedback. The generator passes all the criteria and creates a realistic image. 

While the app provides realistic transformation, this isn’t accurate as to how a person can look in a few decades. Additionally, the feature of transforming a female into the male, with the appearance of a beard, isn’t accurate. It is mainly for entertainment use only, which users love to share in social media. 

Step-By-Step Guide to Use FaceApp

Find Out How the FaceApp App Works


  • Take a or choose a photo from the camera roll or gallery
  • Choose how many photos to transform
  • Pick the filters to use
  • Download and share the new faces
  • Decide whether the transformed photo is amazing or creepy


FaceApp is a novelty, which entertains people with predictions of what we may look in the past or future. Using artificial intelligence, the app provides a realistic transformation of images. Download the app today and discover an array of filters to use for your photos.