How to Reinvent Stuff to Resell It – Find Out Now


Small businesses took a considerable hit during the recent lockdown due to the new coronavirus pandemic. The situation did not change much, even though things went back to normal — to some extent — in most affected countries, sellers should learn how to reinvent stuff to resell it better.

Good entrepreneurs are already aware that flexibility is essential whenever their businesses are going down. We’re going to talk precisely about flexibility and adaptability to people’s demands.


For instance, now, as the world is recovering after the scarring COVID-19 pandemic, you should reinvent stuff to match the current situation. Besides, if you realize that your sales are down for any other reason, you must come up with new ideas. Keeping an eye on what people look for and what your competition offers is also wise.

How to Reinvent Stuff to Resell It - Find Out Now


Switch to DIY Kits

Even though governments lessened the rules regarding social distancing across many countries around the world, people are still scared of the new coronavirus. If you sell homemade jewelry, personalized mugs, and other accessories, you should try to sell DIY kits.


Many people still stay at home, and they would like to make their own accessories. Also, DIY could be an excellent activity for couples, at any time, whether during pandemic or not.

Adapt the Message You’re Sending

If your business is based on personalized t-shirts, blouses, and so on, you should also reinvent stuff. You can come up with apparel that transmits a message related to the current condition of the world.

Just keep in mind that the message should be positive and informative, too. Little jokes are also good. For instance, messages like “Wear a Mask,” “Wash Your Hands,” or “Share Tacos, not Germs”, among others, were already applied by sellers and were successful.

Focus on People’s Comfort

Let’s say your business is based on home-made articles. If you observe a downtrend in your sales, you should reinvent stuff to resell it better. Once you’re creating your own products, it should be easy to change things so that you sell more.

Customize your products for a specific niche, for example. Let’s take the current situation in the world — as in the case of t-shirts, you can add comfortable and/or motivational messages on the labels of your products, be them candles, phone cases, or other accessories.

Keep an Eye on the Value

Product reinvention is essential when you want to adapt to the people’s demands. If your products don’t offer value, then your business will eventually die. Value is, therefore, the first thing you should keep an eye on.

Ask yourself what you should change to offer value. Of course, that depends on the type of product you sell, but, mostly, the same process is applicable. If your competition sells value better, just watch them and learn from them. There is no shame in doing that, as long as you keep your originality.

Reinvent stuff so that you offer higher value, not only goods. Many small entrepreneurs think that using cheap materials is smart. However, that lowers the quality of the final products. In the end, your clients will realize that they do not get what they want. Your sales will go down! Also, the value might refer to how your products help your customers. Keep that in mind, too!

Redesign the Look

Whenever you want to reinvent stuff, redesigning the aspect of the products should be the first thing you have to think about. You can change anything from slogans, your logo, and so on. Although you apply only small changes to your product, updating the packaging might be all you need. So, also focus on packaging.

Before producing a whole line of the newly redesigned products, test them on focus groups. If you receive good feedback, then you should commence production. The success of the things that you sell resides on people, so keep in mind that testing is essential.

How to Reinvent Stuff to Resell It - Find Out Now



People usually change their tastes and favorite products, too, be it apparel, accessories, services, and so on. To keep your clients loyal to your products, you should reinvent stuff to resell it better. Keep an eye on your competition and see what sells, and apply what you learn to your own business. Also, you should always offer high value!