Abused household worker forgives former envoy Marichu Mauro

Four months after the news of the mistreatment of a maid inside a diplomatic residence in Brazil, President Rodrigo announced the decision to permanently oust former ambassador Marichu Mauro.

The President reaffirmed the Department of Foreign Affairs’ decision to remove Mauro from service and remove .

“I signed the document affirming the decision which metes out the penalty of dismissal from the service, with the accessory penalties of cancellation of the eligibility, forfeiture of retirement benefits, perpetual disqualification of holding public office and bar from taking civil service examination. Iyan ho ang parusa niya,” Duterte said.

In an exclusive interview, household worker alias “Amy” said she was grateful for Duterte’s decision.

“Pagpapasalamat lang din po siguro ang masabi ko po, sir, sa lahat ng tumulong sa akin. Nagpapasalamat din po ako sa kanila. Maraming, maraming salamat din po sa Presidente po,” she said.

According to Amy, she started for Mauro in 2018 after she was referred to her and offered to her join Brazil.

Mauro allegedly was kind to her.

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Abused household worker forgives former envoy Marichu Mauro

But when the COVID-19 lockdown began in 2020 and the ambassador started working at home, Mauro began to abuse her.

“Mabait naman po siya. Ewan ko lang po, sir, kung bakit ganoon na bandang huli. Hindi ko rin nga po alam po, sir, kung bakit ganoon,” said Amy.

According to Amy, simple things make the ambassador’s head heat up.

“Minsan po, sir, pag sa paglinis po ng banyo… Kasi gusto po niya, sir, ni Amba, 5 minutes to 10 minutes tapos na. Eh mabagal ako maglinis ng CR. Eh tatlo ang CR sa taas. Kaunti pong bagay, madali po siyang magalit,” said Amy.

“Halimbawa ang labahin hindi mo pa naligpit, pati sa pagsampay na hindi mo maligpit agad. Siyempre iyong iba tuyo na, tapos iyong iba basa pa. Eh iniiwan ko iyong basa sa sampayan. Eh gusto niya iligpit lahat,” she added.

Amy did not know how the Globo News of Brazil got the CCTV footage.

According to Amy, Marichu Mauro called and apologized to her.

She also has no plans to sue the former boss.