House Bill 5907 makes it easier to remarry after divorcing a foreigner

House Bill 5907 – Passed in the House of Representatives for Those Wanting to Remarrying After Divorcing a Filipino –

The House of Representatives has passed House Bill 5907, which simplifies the process of remarrying for Filipinos who have been divorced from foreign spouses.

The bill will amend Executive Order No. 209, known to many as the Family Code of the Philippines – The bill will allow a Filipino to remarry when the foreign spouse has obtained a foreign judicial decree of absolute divorce.


The process is so simplified that that the only thing you need to present is an ‘authenticated’ copy of the judicial divorce decree – authentication will be by the Philippine consul of the country where the decree was obtained.

Once the document is authenticated – the only thing you need when you apply for a new marriage license is the actual authenticated divorce decree, simply present it to the office where you apply for your new license to marry.

HB 5907 provides Filipino spouses with the ability to not having to seek out judicial recognition or enforcement of the foreign judicial decree of absolute divorce.


Rather, the registration of the foreign spouse’s judicial decree of absolute divorce with the civil registrar will be enough for the Filipino spouse to be issued a marriage license.

Currently the Philippines does not have a legal divorce law – but new opportunities such as HB 5907 are a step in the right direction – assisting many Filipinos married to foreigners who are separated to move on in their lives.