Some hospitals in Metro Manila temporarily close outpatient depts

Several other hospitals in have temporarily closed their outpatient departments due to increased COVID-19 cases.

The number of hospitals that are temporarily closing their outpatient departments continues to increase.

The National Kidney and Transplant Institute announced that starting today, their hospital’s outpatient services will be closed, and only telehealth services will be available for their patients to consult.

This does not include the consultation services of their doctor if they have private outpatient clinics outside the hospital.

You can contact doctors about this or call the hospital hotline, 8-9810300 local 1123.

The outpatients of Novaliches District hospital in Quezon City can also consult with the telemedicine service starting today.

According to the hospital management, their priority now is patients who experience moderate to severe COVID-19 symptoms, those who need emergency procedures, surgical procedures, and obstetric patients.

Meanwhile, outpatient services, non-COVID-19 admissions, and other non-COVID-19 services will continue to operate in St. Luke Medical Center.

They issued a statement today in which they also apologized to their patients in the emergency and COVID-19 wards for the long waiting time due to the number of patients coming to them now.

Omicron survivors gain protection vs. COVID-19 variants

According to a molecular biologist, the Omicron COVID-19 variant will benefit its victims and survivors because it will serve as a ‘natural vaccine .’ according to a molecular biologist.

Father Nicanor Austriaco, a Filipino-American Catholic priest who is also a molecular biologist at the GoNegosyo Town Hall meeting on Wednesday, said those who recover from Omicron infection would have antibodies that will also protect them from all other variants. of COVID-19.

He said it is possible that this is “the beginning of the end” of the pandemic, but the public must be careful.

He said there is a study that the Omicron variant is a natural vaccine, which is against Omicron and Delta, Gamma, Beta, Alpha, and D614G variants.

Austriaco exemplified the Omicron as a wildfire that spreads, and when the burning tree is exhausted, it crashes or has nowhere to go, so this variant may be the one to stop the pandemic.

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