Hospitals with full capacity for COVID-19 cases increasing

It is not only the large hospitals in the National Capital Region that are experiencing a rapid increase in the number of patients being brought in in recent days.

Other patients are already in the hospital lobby at the San Jose del Monte City Hospital in Bulacan, which is also an extension of Metro Manila.

According to Dr. Erbe Bugay, Medical Director of the hospital, they have a total bed capacity of 90, and 27 are already reserved for patients.

“Occupied, full house kami and marami pang waiting sa triage, yung lobby ng ospital was converted into a triage…As of today, 65 patients na we have swabbed…44 agad yung confirmed so more or less 90 percent ng pasyente namin ngayon are positive for COVID,” he said.

And due to the continuous increase in the admission of patients every day, Bugay said that the Department of Health is also increasing their bed capacity to 50 percent of the COVID-19 beds so that more patients can treatable here.

At the East Avenue Medical Center in Quezon City, the expected decline in the number of patients admitted this weekend is rising again.

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Hospitals with full capacity for cases increasing

Dr. Alfonso Nuñez, Medical Chief of the hospital, said that they can still cope with the arrival of patients now because they have prepared for it.

“Last weekend medyo bumaba ng konti eh…nag-65 to 75% utilization kami pero nitong mga nakalipas na araw, umakyat ulit siya sa 70 to 75% hospital bed utilization. ICU beds namin, bumaba ng konti noong last weekend around 75 to 80% pero ngayon tumataas ulit until 80 t0 85% utilization ng ICU beds namin,” he said.

According to Nuñez, 280 beds are reserved at EAMC for patients with COVID-19. In addition, he said they ensured that no patients would wait outside the hospital because they have a 5-story building reserved for COVID-19 patients.

COVID-19-related deaths at Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center in Cebu hit 47 in just one week.

Meanwhile, Tala Hospital has so far only accepted COVID-19 patients from moderate to critical cases. It is becoming a catcher of patients with COVID-19 from other hospitals that can no longer accept patients.

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