Hospital bill of COVID-19 patient reaches P1.3 million

The hospital bill of a patient who fought and survived coronavirus disease (-19) reached up to P1.3 million.

According to Juliet Alunan, she was rushed in March to a hospital’s emergency room after suffering from fever, cough, and shortness of breath for eight days.

“‘Yong difficulty of breathing talaga, that’s the time na parang mapupugto ‘yong hininga ko kapag uubo na ako ta’s sabay na hirap na akong huminga,” said Alunan in an interview with ABS-CBN News.

(It was the difficulty in breathing, that’s the time that I felt it would be my last breath every time I cough. I can’t breathe.)

Alunan’s condition worsened wherein she had to be intubated, or a tube was inserted into her mouth to help her breathe.

She just thought of her husband and her three children, especially her second child, who has special needs.

“Nagdasal na lang ako, alam ko na puwede ako mamatay anytime. Alam ko na kapag in-intubate ka, nasa bingit ka ng kamatayan,” she said.

(I just prayed. I know I could die anytime. I know when you are intubated, your life is at the brink of death.)

Alunan’s condition improved after four days, but she was surprised by the high cost of -19 treatment, which reached P1.3 million.

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Hospital bill of -19 patient reaches P1.3 million

Fortunately, the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (Philhealth) was able to cover her hospital bill.

“Talagang mahirap kapag wala kang pera sa ganitong sitwasyon, although alam naman natin na mayroon tayo na blessing kasi nakahabol pa ako sa benefits ng Philhealth,” she said.

(It’s tough when you don’t have the money in this situation, although we know we have the blessing because I was included in the benefits of Philhealth.)

Despite being discharged from the hospital, Alunan is still quarantined in a room in their home.

She’ll have to wait two more weeks so she could be with her family again.

PhilHealth last week released a new case rate package for -19 patients beginning April 15.

The new package categorized the coverage rates into four conditions of pneumonia, which is the most common and severe complication of the virus.

Patients with mild pneumonia will receive P43,997, P143,267 for moderate pneumonia, P333,519 for severe pneumonia, and P786,384 fro critical pneumonia.

The new rates will be enforced on April 15, which means that PhilHealth will still cover all costs incurred by patients hospitalized before that date.