Honeylet: ‘My husband’s no killer – some of his enemies are still alive!’

President Duterte and his common-law wife Cielito “Honeylet” Avanceña

President Duterte’s common-law wife has said her husband couldn’t be a killer — otherwise his political enemies would already be dead.

Speaking today (Monday, October 2), Cielito – Honeylet – Avanceña singled out Senator Antonio Trillanes IV as a likely candidate for the president’s wrath.


She said: “You’ve seen it, Trillanes has been hitting us since a week before election. Then why is he still alive, right? Nothing’s happened to him, so it’s not true. You know that he’s not that kind of person.”

Avanceña was talking to police officials during the launch of the PNP’s “Life After TokHang” drug rehabilitation programme. This seeks to provide a more holistic approach to her husband’s drug war.

Aside from Senator Trillanes, Avanceña cited her husband’s relationship with his long-time critic in Davao City, former Speaker Prospero Nograles.


“Nograles himself has done not very good things to him in the past, but look how forgiving he is,” Honeylet said.

“He will never instruct anybody, the Armed Forces, or the PNP for that matter, to kill for no reason at all. He won’t find it in himself to do it. He’s a lawyer.”

While Avanceña believes her husband is not a killer, the president has made frequent threats to have people killed for breaking the law. He has also boasted that he himself had killed people, once saying he threw somebody from a helicopter.

The usual targets of the president’s threats are drug suspects. He has even called on families to kill their own relatives if they are into drugs.

He has also threatened to kill human rights activists, who he blames for taking the side of alleged drug users and dealers.

Last month, the president even threatened his own son, Davao City vice mayor Paolo Duterte, who he said would be shot if he were involved in the drug trade.