Homeless to get 4,000 pesos to find accommodation during APEC summit

manila homeless
Street people will get 4,000 pesos each to find somewhere to stay during APEC

Street dwellers and homeless people will receive 4,000 pesos each during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit (APEC).

However, critics have said: “Window dressing poverty remains as this administration’s biggest moral scandal. And now it is resorting to the same tactics it did when Pope Francis visited Manila in January”


The official announcement comes in the face of some of the busiest thoroughfares in Metro Manila which will give way for the delegates who are attending the APEC Summit on November 16 to 20.

The Department of Social Welfare and Development is giving the homeless 4,000 pesos each to rent a temporary place during the summit and away from being an eye-sore to foreigners attending the event.

Among the two highest ranking officials to visit the summit are US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Angry opponents said the government is willing to spend 7.9-billion pesos on the summit, including cleaning up the streets – but can’t put a comprehensive plan together to alleviate poverty and hunger.