Hog vendors call for removal of price cap on pork

The hog producers have called for the removal of the price cap and the proposed retail price (SRP) of up to P360 at the price of pork.

According to Chester Tan, head of the National Federation of Hog Raisers, the SRP will follow the price of pork-based on supply and demand.

“Kasi ang price ceiling and price cap it is parang kino-control po natin ‘yung presyo na ‘wag lumampas doon sa presyo. Once na lumampas ka sa presyo, you are violating. Dito sa suggested (retail price), ang maganda kasi, ano lang ‘yan, it will follow the law of supply and demand natin,” said Tan.

It will be recalled that the government imposed a price cap of P270 to P300 per kilo on the price of pork when its price reached P400 per kilo due to the lack of supply allegedly caused by African swine fever.

The placement of the price cap has caused a backlash from farmers and vendors, who have filed their own pork holiday, as they are said to be unable to comply with the price cap.

Laban Konsyumer is not in favor of removing the price cap.

“It’s still premature at sigurado ako ang market prices niyan will go wild, kawawa ang consumers. So hayaan na lang natin matapos ang 60 days,” said Laban Konsyumer president Vic Dimagiba.

Hog vendors for removal of price cap on pork

Some pork vendors plan to hold a four-day pork holiday on Friday, February 26.

“Lima hanggang pitong palengke po ang nag-uusap-usap tungkol sa pinaplanong pork holiday ng ating mga manininda,” said Paco Public Market Association President Marilyn Baliscao.

Some pork sellers are also to conduct a signature campaign, and bring to court their opposition to the price cap set by the government on the price of meat.

“Ang susunod na hihingiin namin diyan, TRO (temporary restraining order). As long as ma-prove nila na ang profiteering, undue manipulation as well as monopoly ay sa hanay ng vendors, so be it. Pero kung hindi nila mapo-prove ‘yun, lalaban kami kasi kawawa naman kami,” said Las Piñas Public Market Master Manny Pareja.