Historic pre-war mansion saved from demolition in Pasay City

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Pre-War Historic Mansion Saved from Demolition in Pasay City – www.philippineslifestyle.com


The Carlos Palanca Sr. historic residence on Taft Avenue, Pasay City, has been saved from demolition – the order to cease and desist (CDO) was late and portions of the mansion have already been torn down.


The main body of the structure has been saved and will be an important addition to the historic structures of the Philippines – the demolition was to give way to new bus terminal.

“The Carlos Palanca Sr. residence on Taft Avenue, Pasay City, built in 1940 and lived in by the late Carlos Palanca Sr. Tan Quin Lay, is considered historically significant in view of Palanca’s contribution to the distillery and motor industries, education, culture and arts, and philanthropy in the Philippines,” reads a portion of the CDO.

The national cultural agency has scheduled a hearing among heritage advocates, interested parties and the developer on March 16 to discuss the issue.


Heritage advocate Isidra Pastor Reyes, who cowrote the petition to the NCCA against the demolition,  praised the commission for issuing the CDO right on the day after the petition was submitted.

But she lamented that Pasay City Hall had issued the demolition permit despite the fact its age should entitle it for coverage under the National Heritage Law of 2009.

“It is very alarming …  that we are losing very significant heritage structures [recently], mostly from the American era,” said Reyes in an interview.

The Mediterranean style home is possibly by architect and National Artist Pablo Antonio – Reyes has brought to light a possible development where a data base of all homes deemed historic structures will be shared with government units. This data base would help those issuing demolition permits to see that the home is actually a historic structure.

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