Historic photo shows where San Miguel beer empire began





The San Miguel Corporation has its beginning in 1890 – it originally started out as ‘Fabrica de Cerveza de San Miguel’ and was not only the first brewery in the Philippines, but in all of Southeast Asia.

Don Enrique Maria Barretto de Ycaza y Esteban was the original founder of San Miguel; started with a Royal Grant from Spain, today it is one of the largest breweries in the world.

Enrique’s brewery was started in his  home on Calle Aviles in the district of San Miguel – he converted the home into a brewery and it served as the company’s headquarters during the past century.


In 1895, San Miguel won its first award at the Exposicion Regional de Filipinas as “product of highest quality.”

The original house was sectioned off into two parts, one for ice production, the other for the brewery itself.

During the turn of the Century, San Miguel undertook some major expansions, it was incorporated in 1913 and in 1914 began to export products to Hong Kong, Shanghai and Guam.

By the 1930s San Miguel started to produce its own soft drinks, and a few decades later, the San Miguel Corporation was in full production mode.

Today, the San Miguel Beer Company remains as the flagship product of the San Miguel Corporation headquartered in Mandaluyong City and probably the Philippines’ most recognisable brand.