Hidden Garden in Manila now open to the public

The Hidden Garden, a new park located opposite Bonifacio Square in Manila, has opened to the public.

It was inaugurated this Tuesday by Mayor Isko Moreno and Vice-Mayor Honey Lacuna.

The area was used to be a dumping ground for damaged vehicles and used by the local government. It has also been home to street dwellers for many years.

Today, a variety of plants and flowers can be found in the park. It also has a coffee shop, the Hidden Garden Café, where visitors can relax and dine in the area.

Views from the Hidden Garden are the Metropolitan Theater, city hall, and post office. Binondo is also just a short walk from the park.

According to Moreno, the park was revived to increase the open space that residents can visit.

It is said that open spaces or open and windy places are safer, especially now that there is a pandemic.

Moreno, on the other hand, pleaded with those going to the new park to keep it clean.

“I hope they come clean, they arrive clean, when they leave, they force themselves to become responsible individuals,” he said.

Hidden Garden in Manila now open to the public

Meanwhile, Fort Santiago and other museums in Intramuros are also open to tourists.

The historical marker will also be inaugurated on the execution site of priests Mariano Gómez, José Burgos, and Jacinto Zamora or Gomburza on Burgos Street.

Moreno, on the other hand, reminded residents and to adhere strictly to the health and safety protocols.

In October 2020, , a new cafe at the Bonifacio Shrine, opened in time to celebrate International Coffee Day

The new coffee shop is located at the Kartilya ng Katipunan Park. It was a project of the Manila City Hall, according to DzBB’s Isa Umali.

Kapetolyo, with its sleek and modern design, offers a relaxing experience for coffee lovers. It has large windows, hanging lights, and a wooden exterior.

According to Manila’s City Engineer Armand Andres, Kapetolyo will be serving homegrown coffee to its customers.

The projects are part of Manila Mayor Isko Moreno’s efforts to bring the city’s former glory.