Here’s What You Can Learn About Self-Care From Holistic Doctors

Holistic can teach you things about what your body needs that you can’t get elsewhere. We live in a more taxing, extra demanding, and much more polluted world than ever before. Today, self-care is more important than anything else.

And guess what? One of the best options available to stay healthy and take good care of your body, mind, and soul is holistic healthcare. It’s a regime of a different kind and is administered by specially trained professionals called holistic doctors.

In this post, we tell you about the various aspects of holistic healthcare as practiced by holistic doctors. We also show you a few simple ways to inculcate these practices in your own lifestyle.


What Is Holistic Healthcare & Who Are Holistic Doctors? 

Holistic healthcare is a preventive healthcare regime that focuses on the good overall of a person. The aim of holistic healthcare is to prevent any kind of disease from occurring. This is opposite to the practice of traditional healthcare, wherein disease is treated once it has occurred. 

Therefore, holistic healthcare is a good way to achieve not only good physical health, but also, peace, and productivity. Holistic doctors work closely with the patient to work on several aspects of his or her health. 

  • There are 5 such aspects, to be precise. These include the physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and mental of the person. 

Ways to achieve Holistic Health

Intermittent Fasting

The first step towards holistic healthcare is to let your body take care of itself! Yes, you heard it right! The human body has enormous healing powers. In other words, the human body can heal itself of all present and impending diseases, if given sufficient opportunity to do so. 

The problem with the modern-day is that we don’t give our bodies this healing time. And a major reason behind it is irregular eating habits. There is a simple solution to solve this problem and let your body heal. It is intermittent fasting. The rule is simple – do not eat anything for 16 hours each day

Do not worry, you can take the day’s nutrition for the rest of the 8 hours. Your body will not have to perform the activities like digestion during this period, and will instead use this time to heal itself! The technique is as effective and as simple as it could be!

The Food That You Eat

Given that the holistic doctors ask you not to eat anything for 16 hours daily, what shall one eat in the remaining 8? Here’s the hack – eat as much ‘live’ food as you can. By live food we mean, and as the holistic doctors put it, food that is fresh, alive, and can give rise to more life. 

Examples of live food include all kinds of fruits and fruit juices, green vegetables, salads, cereals, and more. The most important point here is to avoid all kinds of packaged and processed-to-store food items. Holistic doctors also advise focusing on plant-based foods

Detox Your Body

Along with eating healthy and alive food, which is equally important in holistic healthcare is to regularly detox your body. Detoxification essentially means throwing the unwanted substances, wastes, and harmful enzymes out of your body. Holistic doctors recommend drinking lots of water as the best way to detox your body. This is, to be precise, a minimum of 2 liters of water consumption each day. 

Other good ways to detox your body can be to consume healthy vegetable juices and have heavy sweating through exercise.

Calm Your Mind

Holistic healthcare lays equal emphasis on physical and mental health. In fact, spiritual is also an integral part of it. Therefore, it is important to detox your mind as well, using the techniques suggested by the holistic doctors. These include regular meditation, breathing exercises, and yoga. 

Quality sleep also plays a very important role in detoxification and relaxation of the mind. Holistic doctors recommend a minimum of 6-8 hours of daily sleep for average adults. Further, under the holistic healthcare paradigm, one may need to go for personalized spiritual counseling sessions. It would help to relax and achieve the best of mental health, as the need may be.



Holistic medicine and healthcare is an extremely effective way to lead a healthy, enriching, and purposeful life. In fact, even without the help of Holistic doctors, you can help yourself stay free of any diseases, and live longer. The holistic way is a trifecta of mind, body, and soul.