How To Stream Movies And TV At Home With This App

HBO is home to iconic series like Game of Thrones, and with the HBO NOW App you can stream all the entertainment at home. HBO has brought exclusive TV shows to US audiences for decades and in turn, become a choice premium TV network.

It is packed with remarkable TV shows in entertainment history. And is one of the major cable networks to initiate the ground-breaking idea of streaming its content. The HBO NOW App lets you stream HBO’s premium library without having to subscribe to satellite TV networks.

If you happen to be a fan of great TV series, then you will surely be interested in the HBO NOW App. Therefore, without wasting any further time, lets dive into the world of this app and get to know a little more about how to use it and other fun stuff.

Watch movies with the HBO Now App

What Is the HBO NOW App?

HBO NOW is a standalone subscription service from HBO TV network in the United StatesIt gives you access to everything that it offers including the original TV series, movies, all sports content, and documentaries. Whatever cable subscribers get, you can enjoy them with HBO NOW.

Launched on April 7, 2015, the service allows on-demand access to HBO’s all contents on a smartphone, PCs, and digital media players. HBO NOW strictly targets those customers who seek their entertainment from other competing services like Netflix and Hulu.

Unlike HBO GO, you do not need a satellite TV subscription that includes the HBO channel. It’s perfect if you are a cord cutter and wishes to watch every episode of Game of Thrones, The Wire, and Westworld.

How to Sign Up For The HBO NOW App

You can sign up for HBO Now through any of the app-supported devices. Previously the application was an iOS-only service when it debuted. However, following its popularity, you can now download it on Android, Amazon devices and other digital media players.

Once you have downloaded and installed the application; you will be easily able to sign up through the application. If it is your first time signing up, you will be provided with a free one-month trial.

However, you will be automatically billed for the following month if you do not cancel within 29 days. If you are already a subscriber, you will be able to restart your subscription via the same device.

How Much Does It Cost?

The service is currently available in the United States and US territories at a cost of  $14.99 per month with a free one month trial. You are automatically enrolled in the service when you sign up. You have to manually cancel your subscription if you want them to stop charging you.

Therefore, if you only want the HBO NOW just to view your favorite series, you can subscribe to the plan for a month and then unsubscribe. Apart from, Android devices and Amazon Kindles, HBO NOW can be accessed via Xbox 360, Xbox One, Play Stations 3 and 4.

Get Entertained At Home With The HBO Now App

The Best TV Shows To Watch

HBO NOW offers its users a wide variety of content that is available on America’s premium TV network. From HBO’s library of original series to films from cable channel’s content partners like Warner Bros Pictures, Universal Pictures and 20th Century Fox.

The price might seem to be very expensive, but with its 75+ original shows, the price is very justifiable. Some of the best TV shows in HBO NOW are Watchmen, The Wire, and Westworld. These TV shows are more than enough to justify the cost of HBO NOW.

Watch to Your Heart’s Content

HBO NOW is one of the best applications for cord-cutters to access HBO’s premium content library. The service is only accessible in the US and its territories. However, if you have an account, a VPN can give you outside the US as well.