Filipino exorcist warns that Halloween costumes can cause demonic possession

demonic possession
The priest claimed that a teenage girl who had dressed up for a was possessed, which caused her belly button to “emit froth”

A Filipino exorcist has warned that dressing up for Halloween could lead to demonic possession.

Father Marius Roque, exorcist for the Archdiocese of San Fernando, said he had performed exorcism rites involving two young people who had donned spooky clothing.

“One was the case of a teenage girl who wore a black lady costume for a Halloween party. After a few weeks, it became obvious she was possessed by evil spirits,” he said.

The priest claimed that when the girl was taken to see him, he found her mouth and belly button emitting froth.

He also described the case of a teenage boy from Angeles City who was possessed by spirits after ghost hunting with friends at the abandoned American hospital at the old Clark air base.

The , which had a morgue to store the remains of American soldiers killed in the Vietnam War, is often cited as a hotspot for paranormal activity.

The priest said: “At least 11 spirits seemed to have attached themselves to the boy after the ghost hunting episode at the abandoned hospital.

“It took only one exorcism session to free him from the intervention of the spirits. He vomited 11 times which indicated the departure of each of the 11 spirits.”

He also urged parents to stop their children wearing spooky costumes. “Why make your children appear horrible?” He asked. “If they have to be costumed, it is better to make them wear costumes of saints or angels.

“November 1st and 2nd are days to remember the loving memories of departed relatives who had loved us, not terrified us. It is the day to pray for them to make sure they have reached heaven. There should be no room for evil on such holy days.”

Last month, the chief exorcist of the Philippines, Father Ambrosio Nonato Legaspi, caused a stir by claiming that “Illuminati Satanists” were distributing “cursed rosaries”. He warned that the plastic trinkets also had the power to cause demonic possession, and general misfortune.