Guns and bullets found in balikbayan boxes coming from US


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Guns – Bullets Discovered in Balikbayan Boxes Coming from United States –

Police said they have seized several balikbayan boxes that were found to contain guns, bullets and other illegal items.

The seizure took place on Monday. The items were from a cargo container which came from the United States.


A Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency spokesman said they confiscated 400 rounds of ammunition and two firearms in the shipment.

The container was shipped to Cebu City where it now sits in a warehouse at the Bureau of Customs (BOC).

A BOC spokesman said: “These contraband can be used by armed groups working for politicians in the 2016 elections.


“If these were able to sneak out of Cebu, these will possibly go in the hands of goons.”

Officials said the bullets had an estimated value of 300,000 pesos, not including the two firearms. The shipment originated form Oakland, California.

BOC officials said they would look into the identities of the shipper and the receivers of the boxes and file appropriate charges.

BOC Port of Cebu District Collector Arnulfo Marcos confirmed to PLN that they seized two revolvers with live ammunition from a returning resident to the Philippines.

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