Gunmen who shot Dutchman left sign suggesting he was a paedophile

dutch-national-killed-in-the-philippines, dutch national killed
Dutch National Killed by Locals on Island of Mindanao – (photograph by

A Dutchman was killed by a riding-in-tandem on Monday in the town of Manticao, Misamis Oriental.

Robertus Carolus Maria Van Der Ploeg, aged 59, is believed to have arrived in the town just a week before his killing.


An investigation into the incident show the riding-in-tandem duo shot the Dutchman twice in the head with a .45 calibre pistol and had a pre-written cardboard sign beside him that said, “Pedophiya at adik ako.”

Also found on the Dutchman was a sachet of marijuana, along with his mobile phone having videos of him having sex with girls who police said appeared to be minors.

The house where Van Der Ploeg was staying was in fact the friend of his online chat mate, a 17-year-old girl he seemed to be having an online relationship with. 


The owners of the house also said that their daughter’s friend used their daughter’s Facebook account, but she (the house owner) said that Van Der Ploeg preferred their daughter over his longtime online girlfriend – even going as far as trying to convince the 17-year-old to marry him.

After the young girl told Van Der Ploeg that marriage at her age could cause legal trouble for her parents, the foreigner he gave up on her, even demanding 45,000 pesos, possibly previously paid to her and her family.

The house owner said that Van Der Ploeg stayed on the ground floor of their house. Found along with his laptop that contained child sex images was a bag full of panties. All these items, including the laptop and cell phone will now be brought the Philippine National Police crime lab in Cagayan de Oro City for examination.

Police hope the laptop will show all the contacts he had prior and upon his arrival into the country.

Authorities said they will look into whether Van Der Ploeg violated the country’s laws and to see if he was actually a child abuser as suggested by the cardboard sign.