Grandmother corpse raped in her own grave

Authorities believe the corpse of an 84-year-old grandmother was raped in her own grave at Digos City Public Cemetery, Digos City, Davao del Sur.

The victim was identified as Isabel Bastatas, 84 years old, and was recently buried at Digos City Public Cemetery last Saturday, 28.

Relatives of the grandmother were shocked when they found their dead grandmother lying outside her broken grave the following day, 29.

They also said the victim was naked and no longer wearing underwear when they saw her. Her legs were even crossed.

The elderly’s relatives and family members strongly believe the grandmother’s corpse was raped, so they decided to report the incident to the police.

Police are investigating to out what happened to the elderly after the minor suspects who were arrested Wednesday (October 3) have been subjected to interrogation.

Man rapes pig in Pangasinan

Just last month, a man allegedly raped his neighbor’s pig in Brgy. Bolaoen, Sual, Pangasinan, Friday.

The suspect, 21-year-old Rommel Marimla, was now in custody and is a resident of the area.

As per pig owner’s complaint, it was the dawn of Friday when he heard his 8-month old gilt (female pig which hasn’t had piglets yet) making noises at its pig pen in his backyard.

Austria said he planned the pig to be a sow or a mother pig and wanted to sell it for additional income. He was shocked when he saw Marimla on top of his pig as he turned on the light.

Reports said the suspect denied molesting the pig. He said he just inserted a wood to the pig’s genitals.

Because of the incident, the pig’s genitals have swollen and bled.

The suspect was found to be intoxicated when the alleged pig rape took place.

The suspect will face charges of violating Republic Act 8485 or the Animal Welfare Act and grave scandal.

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