Grandfather impregnates 15-year old granddaughter

grandfather raped and impregnates his own 15-year old granddaughter in Davao Oriental
A grandfather raped and impregnates his own 15-year old granddaughter in Davao Oriental (Image captured from Raffy Youtube Channel)

A grandfather impregnates 15-year old granddaughter in Davao Oriental, September 2.

The victim under the name of “Vanessa” went to in Action together with his father Albert Ilang to ask help from authorities for the suspect’s arrest.


The grandfather named Antonio Ilang allegedly raped Vanessa repeatedly until he impregnated her. Vanessa is only 15 years old and is now eight (8) months pregnant.

Albert said that he was forced to work in Aklan to support his family. He left Vanessa to his own father whom he trusted. He said that aside from being Vanessa’s own blood, Antonio has no known criminal records in their barangay.

Vanessa’s family discovered her condition and the rape incident when she was transferred to another relative in Sta. Ana, Manila.


Her relatives told Albert that they observed Vanessa’s stomach grows bigger. Albert confronted her and asked what she felt going on on her body. Vanessa said she felt something bulging from her stomach.

Vanessa told her father that she wanted to have a medical check-up but she has no one to turn to. Albert brought her to a clinic and it was confirmed that she was indeed pregnant.

Vanessa’s parents asked her who is the father but she won’t tell. It was only her school teachers who convinced her to tell the truth after promising she could still continue her studies despite being pregnant.

Grandfather impregnates 15-year old granddaughter now waits for arrest

Raffy Tulfo coordinated the case to Police Major Bimbo Aying, Davao Oriental PNP Chief to take care of the suspect’s arrest.

Tulfo also shouldered Vanessa and Albert’s plane ticket back to Davao and their hotel accommodation.

According to the Center for Women’s Resources (CWR) records, one child is raped every hour in the Philippines as of 2017. The issue of rape in the Philippines is an ongoing battle cry for women’s rights.