Governor of Zambales claims Chinese military have missiles in his province

governor of zambales
The Governor of Zambales has said that the Chinese military is present in his province.

The governor of Zambales has made the astonishing claim that the Chinese military are occupying the Philippines in the mountains of Santa Cruz.

Governor Deloso even claims that missiles are already stationed in province.


As tension over the South China Sea continues – Gov. Deloso claims the Chinese have already infiltrated the mainland via a series of dummy corporations.

Deloso, in a conversation with the Manila Bulletin, said the Chinese military had occupied the areas around Santa Cruz and that the United States Navy had a warship monitoring their activities. 

Deloso also told the Manila Bulletin that the Chinese military has occupied a mountain area and installed missile bases. That area is said to be about 500 hectares and was sold to the Chinese by former Gov. Hermogenes Ebdane, Jr.


Gov. Deloso said that “They sold it to the Chinese – three mountains that compose a 500 hectare island area where they have stationed their missile; that’s why an American warship has been keeping an eye on it since the ruling favorable to the Philippines by the arbitration court [regarding sovereignty over South China Sea islets].”

The governor also said that the Chinese had already established themselves on Panatag (Scarborough Shoal), because there was a huge resource of oil underneath it. 

He also claims that three Chinese conglomerates operate five small-scale mines in the area through Filipino “dummy corporations”. 

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