Governor Generoso, Davao Oriental: Escape the hustle and bustle


governor generoso
The San Agustin Lighthouses at the tip of Governor Generoso

Governor Generoso is found in Davao Oriental province and consists of the peninsula that juts out into Davao Bay. Many who travel this region do so by taking a trip that includes a tour of the area – as once you enter the peninsula, your return trip back is by the same main route.

A vacation to Governor Generoso is not for everyone as there is little to see and do other than a few resorts and visiting the island of Sigaboy, but the peninsula is a great spot to escape from the hustle and bustle of the world.

The journey takes about three hours from Davao City. Those that visit the region often enjoy the scenic roadway that leads up to the area of Tibanban Shores and the southern lighthouse point. When visiting the area, be sure to take a boat to Sigaboy Island and climb the steep cliffs to the overlooking lighthouse point where a great photo opportunity is to be had.

Once back on shore, take a trip on the opposing hillside that looks back over Sigaboy Island and the Tibanban Shores area. This scene is just as impressive, if not more, then looking over the gulf from Sigaboy itself.

Heading south towards Cape San Agustin you’ll the beauty of the Montserrat coastal highway and the scenery of the region known as the ‘view deck’. Nobody can get past the ‘deck’ area without snapping some beautiful photos, if travelling in a group this area is perfect for that ultimate group shot.

governor generoso
The viewing deck along the highway to Cape San Agustin

Just south of the “view deck” you’ll see from afar a 30- year-old Mamacao tree which stands over 260 feet tall.

From the Centennial Tree, you are soon in the region of Cape San Agustin. Be sure to find your way to “The Last Islet”, a tiny island that sits just off the very most southern tip of Governor Generoso. 

The shores of Cape San Agustin are adorned with pink sand. For those that love peaceful swims and private lagoons to are bound to find some perfect spots in the area of the cape.

Cape San Agustin is also a place of historic importance, as  missionary St Francis Xavier celebrated his first Holy Eucharist upon his arrival in Mindanao. A rock formation, like the stage of an ampitheatre, known as “The Altar” is on the western rim of the island.

Xavier gave his first sermon and celebrated his first Holy Eucharist here, making it a site of pilgrimage until today.

governor generoso
A beach near the Lighthouse end of Governor Generoso.

The mountainous regions of Governor Generoso make for a great hike or leisurely walk.

Visit Governor Generoso, on the island of Mindanao, in the sleepy regions of Davao Oriental – mark it down and even if you only come for a day trip, you’re sure to find something to tempt you to return.

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