Government Compensation in Canada – Find Out if You’re Eligible

The Canadian Federal Government recently announced that it would donate 27 billion dollars in aid to Canadians

The government aims to implement a number of support plans, which we will be covering in this article.

We are going to take an in-depth look at these plans and how you can find out whether or not you are eligible for this compensation. Please bear in mind that the details are still being fleshed out, so we won’t be able to cover everything. 


Parents and Workers: Temporary Income Support

If you are currently sick and in quarantine due to COVID-19 and you don’t have paid sick leave or aren’t able to go to work because you need to care for your children or an ill loved one, then you might be eligible for temporary income support from the Canadian Federal Government. 

If you claim Employment insurance sick benefits, the government will waive the one-week waiting period

They will also waive the need for you to provide a medical certificate in order to access your Employment Insurance sickness benefits. 

The government will also be introducing the emergency care benefit, which aims to provide up to $900 every two weeks for a maximum period of 15 weeks.

This is a flat payment benefit that will be administered via the revenue agency of Canada. It will provide income support to workers, including those who are self-employed who are currently taking care of a family member who has contracted COVID-19 but are presently not eligible for Employment Insurance sickness benefits.

Additionally, it will provide income support to workers and self-employed workers who are sick with COVID-19 or currently quarantined but do not qualify for Unemployment Insurance sickness benefits. 

Finally, parents with children who need extra care or supervision because of the closures of schools and who are not able to earn employment income will also be supported regardless of whether they qualify for Employment Insurance or not.

Do You Qualify?

To qualify for this emergency care benefit, Canadians will need to prove that they meet the eligibility requirements and will have to re-attest every two weeks to maintain their eligibility. 

You can apply by accessing your My Service Canada Account, your CRA MyAccount portal, or by calling a toll-free number that will walk you through an automated process for application.

Support for Workers in the Long Term

You may be considered eligible for this emergency care benefit if you have recently lost your job or have experienced reduced hours because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The government will provide an emergency support benefit that is delivered via the CRA and provide up to 5 billion dollars in aid to those workers who are not eligible for Employment Insurance and are currently faced with unemployment.

The Employment Insurance Work Sharing Program will also be implemented. This program aims to provide Employment Insurance benefits to those workers who have agreed to decrease their regular working hours due to developments that are out of the control of their employers

This is done by extending the duration of eligibility for these agreements to 76 weeks, which also streamlines the application process and eases the eligibility requirements.

Supported Income

To be considered eligible for this Emergency Benefit, you will have to be one of the 12 million low to moderate-income families that are currently impacted the most by the Coronavirus Outbreak. The government will provide you with a one-time payment via the goods and services tax credit.

On average, the boost to income for those who are eligible for this benefit will be around $400 for individuals living on their own and around $600 for couples. The government also has another plan in place for the 3.5 million families with children who need additional support.

This plan will increase the annual maximum of the Canada Child Benefit payments. The amount will increase by $300 per child. As part of the payments made, families will receive an extra $300 per child.

If you would like to find out more about other kinds of humanitarian assistance programs, there is more information here.

Government Compensation in Canada - Find Out if You're Eligible


The above plans are designed to supplement the income of those suffering the most from the coronavirus outbreak. Be sure to apply if you feel that your situation has deteriorated due to the COVID-19 pandemic.