Gordon wants probe on illegal COVID-19 vaccinations in PH

Sen. Richard Gordon wants the Senate to investigate the reported illegal COVID-19 vaccinations in the Philippines, including those of alleged 100,000 Chinese nationals and some members of the Presidential Security Group (PSG).

Gordon said the use of unauthorized vaccines and disregard for the country’s law on drug registration “are serious matters.”

“Hindi ito nadadaan sa pakiusapan, sa pakisamahan (This cannot be solved through requests or through camaraderie). Democracy is rule of law,” he said.

“I want to know sino nagpasok [ng smuggled COVID-19 vaccines]? Bakit nila tinatago?” he said.

(I want to know who brought the smuggled COVID-19 vaccines? Why did they hide it?)

Gordon was referring to the reported COVID-19 vaccination of 100,000 Chinese nationals who were mostly Philippine Offshore Gaming Operator (POGO) workers.

The also admitted to self-administering unregistered COVID-19 vaccines last year.

“Dapat buksan natin ‘yun… Bakit kayo mauuna sa’min? You have the lay of the land? Hawak niyo na ba kami dito? Nag-smuggle pa kayo ano? Tameme tayo? Napakatanga ba ng bansa natin?” Gordon said.

(We have to open that issue… Why were you vaccinated ahead of us? You have the lay of the land? Do you control us in our own country? You even smuggled? Won’t we do anything about it? Is our country that stupid?)

“Pati ‘yung maraming na-violate (Even the PSG committed a lot of violations). I salute them for their loyalty but I will also salute them if they say ‘I made an error and I submit myself to the mercy of a court marshal or an investigation’,” he said.

Gordon wants probe on illegal COVID-19 vaccinations in PH

On Monday night, Duterte said he would order the to just shut up when they appear in a Senate hearing.

“He is behaving as a mayor. He is protecting his people… I was disturbed by it quite frankly,” Gordon said.

“The President has got to respect the separation of powers clause… To shackle the Senate or Congress on what it is supposed to do is wrong of the President,” he said.

Gordon insisted the senators must discuss in caucus how to deal with the illegal COVID-19 vaccination issue as it would “not go away” even if would not look into it.

“Ako nagagalit ako na bakit kayo lang? Bakit mga Chinese na may pera lang ang nauna? Dahil may pera sila?” he said.

(I am angry because why just them? Why are the moneyed Chinese getting vaccines first? Because they have money?)

“It really shows na palakasan pa rin sa bayan natin (that here it’s about connections),” he said.