Google Notes – Download Google Keep App To Save And Store Your Notes


There’s no point in jotting down a note you’re going to lose, so try Google Notes instead. Instead of writing down things on a notepad or sticky notes, you can use the app Google Keep app on your smartphone to save your notes in the virtual realm. 

You’re not going to lose the notes on your device unless you intentionally erase them. And most people have their phones with them all the time so you can always access those notes. 


If you are looking to upgrade your note-taking game to the next level – you need Google Keep. It lets you capture the thoughts on your mind by creating notes either on a smartphone app or on your computer. Let’s get into a little more about the app. 

Google Notes - Download Google Keep App To Save And Store Your Notes  

What is Google Notes?

Google Keep is a note-taking app developed by Google which lets you save notes via text, lists, images, and voices. The application syncs the notes made to your Google Drive so that you can access them again on any other web-connected device. 


The application was launched in 2013 and has evolved since. Google Keep is ideal for those who need quick note-taking on the go or for saving notes on the desktop that you might need on your smartphone as well. 

Google Keep is one of the simplest and best free apps to save notes on your device. The application is available on Android and iOS platforms and you can also use it on your web browser. 

Google Notes - Download Google Keep App To Save And Store Your Notes

Features of Google Keep

Many people might assume that ‘Google Keep’ just another note-taking app in the market. However, it has many features that make it different from similar kinds of applications. Here are some of the cool features of Google Keep.

Creative Notes

The app allows users to make notes by drawing and capturing images. In spite of typing down your thoughts on the app, you can simply draw a note using your finger on the phone or with the mouse cursor on your PCs.

Users can also use their images to form a gallery or capture new photographs from their phone cameras and create a note.

Let Your Voice Make the Notes

The option to create notes with your voice can only be used in the app version of Google Keep. You simply have to press the microphone icon on the app and speak, the app will automatically write it down and save the recording.

Moreover, this feature can also be integrated with the help of Google Assistant: users have to say ”Make a note.” and then express your thoughts; the Google Assistant will save the recording directly to the Keep. 

Advanced Reminder Setting

Google Keep also allows you to add reminders to every note you create. Click the bell icon while you create any note, and you will be notified about the note on whatever device you are using.

You should be logged in to your Google account on your device if you want to receive notifications. You can add a location-based reminder so that you will be reminded about a task like picking up your dry-cleaning when you’re near the cleaners. 

Google Keep’s Price and Plan

Google’s version of the note-making app is absolutely free of cost and users can download it from Android’s Store and iOS App Store, or on the browser. Users are only required to have a Google account.

You will also receive a 15GB of default storage on Google Drive for your notes. However, you can also pay for extra storage for Google Keep or any other Google Services. Users can buy 1TB of extra storage for around $1.99 per month. 

Google Notes Conclusion

Google Keep is great for folks on the go who need to keep their ideas in order. Keep work on devices including phones, tablets, and computers, and save your notes your Google Drive. This auto-syncing helps you access your important ideas whenever you need them.