Man arrested for growing marijuana in Cebu City says “God instructed me”

marijuana raid in cebu city
Man Arrested For Marijuana Garden in Cebu City – Says “God Instructed Him” – Photograph Courtesy of PhilStar –

A man from Cebu has been arrested for openly growing marijuana in his garden. When arrested he said: “God instructed me to plant marijuana here”.

36-year-old Cicilio Cariñosa was arrested along with 31-year-old Rasan Dayopay after he was discovered to be in the possession of marijuana leaves.


Police say they uprooted at least 50 live cannabis plants in the garden of Carinosa after receiving a tip-off

Agents arrested the man inside his makeshift home before uprooting the plants and taking him and Dayopay to Cebu City police headquarters.

Cariñosa admitted that he planted cannabis in his yard. He claims that he was asked by God to plant them for medicinal purposes to help cure his neighbours’ illnesses.


During his arrest, Cariñosa asked police if he could drink a bottle of water. When police checked the bottle, they found it was full cannabis leaves.

Carinosa told the police that while reading the Bible, he heard a voice that instructed him to plant cannabis because if not, no one would be able to help his neighbours.

He later said that he would face the consequences for his actions, but believes he is innocent. He added that nowhere in the Bible does it mention that growing marijuana is bad.

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