Global study names Philippines as among world’s least peaceful countries

The Philippines was the second worst performing country in its region, only surpassed by North Korea

An international that measures global peace has found that the Philippines is among the least peaceful countries in the world.

According to the Global Peace Index 2017, which was published on Friday, the Philippines is ranked at 138th among 163 countries.

The index said the country’s overall score has deteriorated since President Duterte took office in June last year.

“A bloody against drugs and crime has been extended nationwide, and is reflected in a deterioration of the country’s Societal Safety and Security indicators,” the report said.

“The Philippines homicide rate, incarceration rate and number of deaths from internal conflict have all deteriorated. The extrajudicial killings of alleged criminals, drug mules and users has significantly increased security risks, even for ordinary citizens who could potentially get caught in the crossfire.”

The has been widely criticised by human rights groups and world leaders for his on drugs.

Critics say the anti-drug crackdown is to blame for up to 9,000 deaths, a number disputed by the government, which says fewer than 2,000 deaths were a result of the campaign.

The country’s peace ranking was the second worst in the Asia-Pacific region, only surpassed by North Korea, which ranked 150th. New Zealand was the most peaceful in the region and ranked second in the world.

The said that the largest deteriorations were recorded in Ethiopia, Burundi, Saudi Arabia, Mali and Lesotho.

The latest Global Peace Index is the eleventh edition and was produced by the Institute for Economics and Peace.