“Girlfriend material” enforcers in EDSA

Girlfriend material enforcers in EDSA
PNP-HPG sent its “girlfriend material” enforcers in EDSA. (Image from Philippine Star)

The Philippine National Police-Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HPG) deployed its “girlfriend material” enforcers to ease the tension during traffic apprehensions.

PNP-HPG was back in EDSA with its armed enforcers which intend to be more intimidating than the unarmed Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) traffic enforcers.


The HPG also deployed 23 female police officers in EDSA as a plan B if intimidation doesn’t work. MMDA and HPG believed that looks were a significant factor in utilising the  “ladies’ strike force.”

MMDA traffic czar Edison Nebrija told “The Chiefs” last week on Cignal TV’s One News that “ladies’ strike force” means “girlfriend material.”

“Girlfriend material” enforcers part of HPG’s gender equality program

Some called HPG’s move as sexist, but Nebrija said EDSA “is stressful enough,” and sending “head turners” can make traffic apprehensions in EDSA lighter.


He said that in fact, female cops’ including in their HPG team was part of their gender equality program.

PNP-HPG spokesperson Lt. Col. Ritchie Claraval seconded Nebrija. He said drivers might have second thoughts on breaking traffic rules once they see model looking enforcers were directing vehicular flow.

“One of the drivers would say, ‘nakakahiyang mag-violate tayo, may mga magagandang babae pa man din diyan ng HPG,’” Claraval said.

(One of the drivers would say, ‘It’s shameful to violate, there are beautiful women in HPG.’)

Requirements to be part of “ladies’ strike force”

Claraval said that looks and knowing how to drive are among selection requirements. He boasted that all of the around 100 female members of HPG were good-looking.

“They’re not just like any other police officers; they’re like models. They’re really pretty. They are really head-turners,” Nebrija said, describing the 23.

“It’s more pleasing if somebody apprehending you has a pleasing personality. They’re a game-changer, so to speak. Traffic in EDSA is stressful as it is already,” Nebrija said.

Claraval said, “We call them strike force because they have striking looks.”

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