Germany gives one billion pesos for Philippine climate change programmes

Germany Allocates 1-Billion Pesos for Philippines Climate Change Programs – Photo of Tacloban After Typhoon Yolanda –

Last month in we reported that every region of the Catholic Church was to produce a “climate change” desk in the Philippines – and here’s basically why.

The government of Germany has decided to spend more than one billion pesos to assist the Philippines climate resiliency programmes.


According to the Climate Change Commission (CCC), Germany will spend 4.7 million euros, or approximately 238-million pesos to help the country implement climate change initiatives.

Germany has also agreed to offset an additional 17.1 million euros (or about 868 million pesos) for new and upcoming climate change projects in the Philippines, starting in 2016.

GIZ, a company that specialises in international development, is owned by the German Federal Government and operates in more than 130 countries around the world.


Seven priorities of the climate change venue are food security, water sufficiency, ecological and environmental stability, sustainable energy, human security, climate-friendly industries and services and knowledge and capacity development.

So with nearly one billion pesos on the table to spend, who’s in line first? surely not the citizens of the Philippines, right?

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