German caught on camera choking his Filipina maid in Pasay City

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German National Recorded on CCTV Chocking Filipina Maid in Pasay City –

Neighbours of a German man are urging the Bureau of Immigration to deport him after he was recorded on CCTV choking his Filipina maid.

In the footage, the maid, identified as Mercy Sarmiento, is seen throwing a plastic bag of groceries at her employer’s house. Moments later Ortmann is seen charging from his home and drags Sarmiento to the ground.


Sarmiento said she threw the bag because she was fed up with the German’s verbal abuse.

“He kept calling me muchacha, labandera, pitiful, bitch. I tried to leave but he kept shouting, so I went back and threw the items I bought. He hurt me, he is really shameless. It hurts to be treated like that,” she said.

After Sarmiento reported the incident to officials at the Bureau of Immigration (BI), Ortmann’s neighbours also came forward and presented a video of their own altercations with the German – demanding he be deported.


“I want him deported and to be designated as ‘persona non grata. He said we are the ones harassing him. How can we do that? We are women,” said a neighbour.

Officials at the BI said they will summons Ortmann and do a full investigation into the matter.

“We will make sure that we will exert and initiate and effect all possible legal procedures and measures to make sure that abuses by foreign nationals will be stopped and prevented,” BI spokesperson Nikki Reyes said.