German man found dead on yacht floating off Barobo, Suigao del Sur



German National Found Dead Onboard Yacht Floating Off Barobo, Suigao del Sur –

A report shows that authorities have discovered a yacht floating offshore the town of Barobo in Surigau del Sur late on Friday.


Police say they received a report at the National Operation Center in Camp Crame at around 4.30pm on Friday from Barabo Municipal Police Station. The station received a call from a concerned citizen that a yacht could be seen drifting off the coast.

An initial investigation into the matter shows that 23-year-old Christopher Rivas and his companion were out to sea fishing when they came upon a boat on their way home.

The boat was a large white sailing yacht with its sail destroyed. Rivas boarded the yacht and discovered a lifeless male person on-board in partial decomposition.


The person had died in the sitting, upright position. Rivas decided to tow the yacht toward Barobo, contacting friends via handheld radio for help as he headed toward shore.

Rivas arrived in Barobo at 3pm, but anchored offshore due to low tide.

Police personnel went to the area to conduct an investigation into the matter. They discovered that the yacht belonged to Manfred Fritz Bajorat, a German national.

The cadaver is believed to be that of Bajorat, however the Philippine Coast Guard, and a rescue team from the Barobo local government also came to investigate the matter.

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