German killed and two foreigners wounded in MacDonald’s shooting

(Update) – Shooting in Talisay, Cebu City Kills German National and Wounds Two Other Foreigners – PHOTO BY KRISTINE JOYCE W. CAMPAÑA –

An update on the news coming out of Talisay City where a German was killed yesterday after gunmen opened fire at a local McDonald’s in Barangay Tabunok.

31-year-old Henry Haffner died after being shot in the abdomen after he and a Frenchman and Indian were injured after being fired upon by two unidentified gunmen inside the food chain.


Initial investigation into the incident shows that  Saparaiya and Millard, who was with his girlfriend Marvie Gabomba, went to McDonald’s Tabunok to eat together after leaving a bar. While they were eating two men allegedly made fun of Saparaiya saying “di pautang, di pautang” not knowing that Saparaiya can understand Cebuano. This enraged Saparaiya who confronted the two men, leading to a heated argument but they were pacified by the security guard of McDonald’s

The two men left the store just as Henry Haffner and his girlfriend, Sheila Gimutao went inside to buy food. The two were head for Oslob to watch whale sharks, say authorities.

A few minutes later two armed men arrived, although witnesses would later say another two of their companions were also waiting outside McDonald’s.


Haffner and Gimutao were about to leave the fast food chain when they met the two gunmen who shot Haffner in his body. Haffner still managed to run to the second floor to hide in the storage room but one of the gunmen followed him there and shot him several times.

Witnesses heard the gunmen saying what if the two foreigners seated in the ground floor were their actual targets – “Basi’g kani,” witnesses heard one of them saying.

Right after saying that they they approached Millard and Saparaiya and shot them several times before they made their getaway on a motorcycle – Millard was shot in the left leg and left arm while Saparaiya was shot in the back of the head.

Gimutao said when the shooting started she ran to the kitchen while Haffner ran upstairs away from her. She ran outside to ask for help after the men left but it seems everyone outside was still too shocked to respond.

Investigator said 16 empty shells of 9mm cal. pistol, five empty shells of a .45 cal. pistol and four .40 cal. empty shells were recovered in the crime scene.

Rescue personnel rushed the three foreigners to the hospital but Haffner later died in a private hospital in Cebu City. Millard and Saparaiya were reported in stable condition as of last night.

Dayon believed that the perpetrators were local boys based on the manner of the killing. He added that the incident was recorded by the closed circuit television cameras of the fast food chain and witnesses can also identify the assailants. 

Police are involved in an ongoing investigation and are trying to find out why the security guard was not armed – he later said the agency he works for does not issue firearms as part of their policy. 

McDonald’s remained closed pending investigation into the incident.