German fugitive falls off cliff after shooting immigration officer in the chest



A 65-year-old German died when he fell off a cliff after shooting an immigration agent sent to arrest him for a string of fraud cases in his home country.


Police identified the dead man as Rudolf Wilhelm Stolz who died of in injuries in hospital after the incident on Boracay Island.

Police said the Stolz shot and wounded immigration agent Rodrigo Oamil who was accompanied by a policemen to serve a deportation order at his house.

“We tried to call out for him not to run but he slipped and fell while holding on the branches of a tree,” said Senior Inspector Nilo Morallos, the head of the Boracay Tourist Assistance Centre, the island’s police force.


Based on initial investigation, Morallos said a team of immigration agents and policemen went to the house of Stolz in a remote village in Boracay to serve him the deportation order for several fraud cases filed against him in Germany.

Morallos said the wife of Stolz opened the door and met the team but Stolz suddenly drew a handgun and fired at the team, wounding Oamil and forcing the lawmen to withdraw while waiting for reinforcements including members of the Philippine Coast Guard.

He added they later contacted Stolz’s wife who agreed to convince her husband to surrender but instead he tried to escape, falling off the cliff in the process.

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