Gay public school teacher stabbed to death in Catanduanes


A 28-year-old public school teacher whose also a member of the LGBTQ community was stabbed to death inside his room in Virac, Catanduanes, Sunday.

Donn Carlos Borja Bagadiong, a teacher at Catanduanes National High School, was found bathing in his own blood, with deep wounds to his face and various other parts of the body.


According to a report by Catanduanes Police, the body of the victim was found on the second floor of his home in Brgy. Valencia, Virac, at around 4:14 pm on Sunday.

Police recovered a butcher knife with a bloodstain not far from the victim’s body, which is believed the unidentified suspects in brutally killing the victim.

Meanwhile, Police Col Raul Florendo, Provincial Director of the Catanduanes Police, ordered immediately to investigate the crime to arrest the culprit.


Authorities believed the teacher personally knew the suspect. They also look at robbery as possible motives behind the crime.

With this, the Catanduanes provincial government has offered a P100,000 reward for anyone who can provide information to arrest the suspect and resolve the crime.

Woman hides shabu under ‘hotsilog’

Police arrested a woman who hid sachets of shabu under a ‘hotsilog’ (HOTdog, SInangag or fried rice, and ITlog or fried egg) food pack at Fairview Police Station at 3 am, Tuesday.

Camie Olaguer arrived at the police station to visit her friend, who was in jail for a week.

Because she had come after the visiting hours, she was not allowed to see her friend.

Olaguer requested the jail guard to hand over the ‘hotsilog‘ to her friend in jail.

Coincidentally, the jail guard opened the food pack upside down, revealing five sachets of shabu under the ‘hotsilog.’

The suspect defended she did not know that there was shabu inside the food pack.

Olaguer and her friend would also face charges for violating the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act.

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