Fugitive Pakistani terror suspect arrested in Subic


A Pakistani fugitive, wanted for terrorism in his own country, was arrested in a joint operation with the help of the Bureau of Immigration in Subic on Saturday night.

Arrested was 39-year-old Malik Muhammad Sharif, using the alias Sharif Ahmad.


Sharif was listed on a ‘red notice’ on Interpol, he is wanted in Islamabad, Pakistan for double murder, attempted murder, terrorism and rioting.

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Pakistan Fugitive Terrorist Suspect Arrested in Subic – www.philippineslifestyle.com

Born in Sailkot, Pakistan, Sharif is facing the death penalty for his crimes if found guilty.

Elements from the Philippine Army, along with Subic Bay Police, as well as the Philippine National Police helped immigration agents in the operation to capture the fugitive.


The raid was part of BI’s new ‘target-hardening’ campaign where the bureau will focus on tighter border control due to frequent terrorist attacks around the world.

BI Stresses Stepped-Up Campaign Against Foreigners

BI officials said: “Secure Philippine borders by shoring up border control, especially our anti-terrorism and anti-crime efforts, to guard against the entry of foreign terrorists or criminal elements who may want to hide in the country to escape prosecution in their home country, or who might try to engage in lawless activities.”

The Bureau of Immigration assured citizens that Sharif’s arrest is just one of many coming in a stepped-up campaign against lawless foreigners seeking sanctuary in the Philippines.

Officials said: “More arrests will be done in the coming days and weeks, targeting not only fugitives from justice but also foreigners who are abusing their stay in the country by continuing to engage in unlawful activities or who continue to violate our Immigration laws.”

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